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Practising for peace dojo - The Netherlands

How can we step up in skillful service to sharpen our leadership to offer wiser actions for a more flourishing and peaceful future? 

In a world of fast changing times, with many areas of polarisation and conflict, we need to connect to our human values. Bridging our differences and connecting to what unites us. Working together from a place of inquiry, wisdom and connectedness. This requires connecting into our own leadership, exploring ways of working from a space of peace and strength.

This workshop, or DOJO, is for you if you want to explore your personal leadership and inner strength for wiser action. 

A DOJO – meaning a place to practice for your life. 

In the Dojo we will:

  • Bring together the principles and practices of Aikido basics as a stimulus for conversation and reflection, and apply the Flow Game to seed wise action.

  • Explore ways of engaging and aligning personal passion and purpose with the work we want and need to be doing in the world.

  • Work to cultivate inner clarity, balance and wiser action regardless of circumstance. 

  • Offer an opportunity to focus on improving our sense of well-being in good company and with informed guidance

Join us for 3 days of practice, stepping forward into the next phase of who you are, to say yes to compassionate warriorship, and to leave behind whatever is destructive in ourselves and the world. 

We believe that there are some essential principles in life and in compassionate warriorship that are at the root of all great successful endeavours. These are what we wish to explore and practise here and in our dojo. Our dojo trains in practices that develop and build abilities for skillful actions and wise decisions. It is our hope that good people practise  and skillfully implement compassionate warriorship in their work and their lives; and that the practice of kindness and heartfelt flowing actions become normal and everyday events. 

In the midst of the challenges, complexities and demands of modern life, this workshop offers an opportunity to explore ways of working from a space of compassion, presentness, peace, strength. 

We invite you to explore our deeper sense of purpose and belonging as we face these interesting and challenging times in a field of practice using the principles of Aikido, the Japanese bokken (wooden practice sword) as a metaphor for our inner strength and courage , through Art of Hosting practices, and through playing the Flow Game together.

Practice, Play, Dance and Experience

Who is it for?

This workshop is for people who want to bring more humane, peaceful and conscious ways of being into the world. Be you an entrepreneur, leader, employee, intrapreneur, student, teacher, consultant, volunteer. Whether you want to strengthen your personal leadership, or want to learn how to use your power more consciously. This is also for Dojo alumni who want a refresher to strengthen their practice.

Dates and times

The Practising for Peace workshop takes place from October 25th to October 27th 2019. 

Starting time: 11.00 hours on Friday, October 25th

Ending time: 15.00 hours on Sunday, October 27th

Location & Accomodation

The workshop will be held at Kapellerput, an inspirational environment in the village of Heeze (close to Eindhoven). - See more here.

Situated amidst its own green estate, this extensive conference hotel provides tasteful, modern rooms and a stylish restaurant. Relax in the peace and quiet of this trendy accommodation and get inspired by the colourful interior, decorated with original works of art. Enjoy the soothing natural environment and sit out on the lovely terrace.

For arriving at the accommodation, there are good flying connections to Eindhoven Airport. In Heeze is a railway station. Take a taxi to Kapellerput (5 minutes). See also