The Flow Game

- a way of finding clarity

alone & together


What is the Flow Game

The Flow Game is a way of finding clarity alone and together. It is a humane and powerful practise for interactive reflection, conversation and action - opening spaces for groups, teams, individuals and families to find the answers they may be looking for.  

Playing a flow game is a simple way to ground, strengthen and bring clarity and flow to human beings, their life, leadership and actions.

The Flow Game is deceptively simple. Groups are always surprised at how it creates a supportive, challenging, and unique opportunity to explore the present or future in an intuitive and insightful way.

We invite you to play it if you have an important personal or group question to explore.

How do I play a Flow Game?

There are many people who practise hosting the Flow game across the Planet.

They practise and work in may diverse environments - in education - schools - prisons - government - business - health care - international networks - social innovation - experimental learning villages - climate change - coaching - youth and leadership. - See more here.

To learn more, contact a Flow Game host in your area and see when the next Flow Game is being offered - see here. - Or, you could offer to help organise a game with them.


Training in the Art of hosting Flow Games

If you have played several Flow Games and want to become a host, contact one of the Flow Stewards to find out more. - Find them here.

To be trained in the art and practise of hosting flow games for yourself and others to find more clarity together around questions that matter to you now - please reflect on these questions, purposes , principles and practises.

  • Why do I really want to be able to practise, organise and host the Flow games?

  • With whom and where do I feel inspired to host Flow Games?

  • What questions do I have about training in this art?

The purposes of the flow game host trainings are

• To create clarity, inspiration and a grounding in the art of hosting the Flow Game. 

• To be invited into the community of Flow Host practitioners around the world. 

• To be able to pass on the hosting for the Flow Game with quality and consciousness. 

Principles & practises

• To become a host of the Flow Game, you are invited to ask from the heart. 

• A new host accepts, and is willing, to respect and practice the principles of good hosting and be in cooperation with other flow hosts. 

• A Flow Game host can hold the Flow Game field and is a student and practitioner of the Flow Game. 

• A Flow game host practices generosity and wisdom to increase the practise and accessibility

of the Flow Game to be of service for all people across the planet.


Where is the flow game useful…..

In prisons, schools, teams, the European Commission / Government, families…..

See some stories here.