" What if it not about just solving problems but as much about practising clarity and peace? "

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What is the Practising for Peace Dojo?

We train in practices that develop and build abilities for wiser decisions and skilful heartfelt actions. We can’t solve what has already happened, but we can start today by practising peace consciously, individually and together. Peace could be more than just a topic. It can become a practice. Something that we respect, not just talk about.

We can go beyond the idea that a dojo needs to be a physical place, and consider that a Practising for peace Dojo first and foremost resides in our hearts, and that practise can happen wherever humans gather with a attitude and will to awaken the Warrior of the Heart within.

How may we use our consciousness, our intelligence, our courage, our will, our kindness, our compassion, and our ability to be clear-headed, to begin to practice peace?

We can joyfully give birth to more compassionate warriorship to be helpful in building a more peaceful world. Wherever practitioners show up and are ready to learn and teach both, there the dojo arises.

We explore……

DISCOVERING MY PERSONAL POWER - To become aware of and accept my power and how I extend it in service of what is needed in the world 

PRACTICE AS PATH - Discover the power of personal practice

PRACTISING PEACE - Working creatively with opposing energies and challenges to harmonize our relationships with others


  • We bring together the principles and practices of Aikido, a peaceful Japanese self defense art, as a stimulus for moving in harmony and be in reflection and work with The Flow Game to seed personal clarity and wiser action.

  • This approach and practise balances action and reflection through embodiment and inquiry.


·     Basic Aikido Practice - The word "aikido" is formed of three kanji:

  • ai – joining, unifying, combining, harmonising

  • ki – spirit, energy, mood, ethics

  • – way, path

·     The Flow Game - A way of finding clarity together

·     Circle Practice

·     Caligraphy - making your mark

·     Being in Nature

·     Reflection on practice

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