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Flow Game Host training in Sejs by Silkeborg, Denmark

Training in the art and practise of hosting flow games for yourself and other to find more clarity together around questions that matter to you now.

The purposes of the flow game host trainings are

• To create clarity, inspiration and a grounding in the art of hosting the Flow Game. 

• To be invited into the community of Flow Host practitioners around the world. 

• To be able to pass on the hosting for the Flow Game with quality and consciousness. 

Principles & practises

• To become a host of the Flow Game, you are invited to ask from the heart. 

• A new host accepts, and is willing, to respect and practice the principles of good hosting and be in cooperation with other flow hosts. 

• A new host can hold the Flow Game field and is a student and practitioner of the Flow Game. 

* A host practices generosity and wisdom to increase the evolution and accessibility of the Flow Game to be of service for all people across the world.