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Warrior of the heart dojo at European Forum Alpbach 2019 - Tirol, Austria

How may my personal practice strengthen my leadership and service for our world now?

DISCOVERING MY PERSONAL POWER - To become aware of and accept my power and how I extend it in service of what is needed in the world now.

PRACTICE AS PATH - Discover the power of personal practice.

PRACTISING PEACE - Working creatively with opposing energies and challenges to harmonize our relationships with others.


  • We bring together the principles and practices of Aikido, a peaceful Japanese self defense art, as a stimulus for moving in harmony and be in reflection and work with The Flow Game to seed personal clarity and wiser action.

  • This approach and practise balances action and reflection through embodiment and inquiry.

    Our planned methodology

    ·     Basic Aikido Practice

    ·     The Flow Game - A way of finding clarity together

    ·     Circle Practice

    ·     Caligraphy - making your mark

    ·     Being in Nature

    ·     Reflection on practice

In Japanese, Dojo means ‘place of the way’.

It is traditionally considered to be the place for two activities: a training ground for learning the specific techniques of an art (martial, meditation, flower arranging, music, etc.) and an arena for individual self-realisation and individual growth.

A Dojo is about aligning personal power and purpose with the work we want and need to be doing for the world. If you are seeking to develop your leadership skills in service of others and of a more sustainable world, this workshop provides you with an opportunity to refuel, strengthen clarity and heart, and thus offer more conscious and bold actions for your community and our world.

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